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Tibet Tours

Tibet, also known as the third pole on earth, is considered to be one of the most mysterious destinations. With the highest mountain (Everest) situated in southwest, Tibet has the most special culture, religion and landscape, differentiating from the rest places in the world. Traveling in Tibet is an adventure that you will never forget as it’s regarded as the place nearest to Heave. Intriguing sceneries and friendly local people will tell the thousand years’ stories themselves. To know the real Tibet, c…

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Chengdu Tours

Chengdu, blessed with an abundance of natural and cultural treasures, is a leisure destination abounding with options and diversity. More than a close encounter with the Giant Pandas, you can also stroll on Jinli Street to enjoy leisure time and treat your taste buds with the local cuisines, or marvel at the world’s largest stone Buddha statue and picturesque Jiuzhaigou.The following Chengdu Tours are specially designed for your experience of the city’s incredible charm. Day and multi-day, private and gr…

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Beijing Tours

As the capital city of China for the past 8 centuries, Beijing is on the top-must-visit list for most travelers. Combining both modern and traditional architecture, Beijing witnesses the ups and downs of China. Taking a rickshaw ride long the ancient hutong, visiting the World Wonders Great Wall and strolling inside the Forbidden City, you will know the authentic Beijing and the real China.

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Qinghai Tours

We're the leading travel agency for providing Qinghai tours, we  offer small group tours  ranging from 2 to 6 persons , we also tailor-made tours to your specific needs.Qinghai has many beautiful lakes as well as great mountain. Qinghai lake, Chaka Salt lake,kekexili,Ta'er monastery etc. All kinds of Qinghai tour packages available at our service

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Xinjiang Tours

 Located in the northwestern border of China, Xinjiang shares the border with Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Mongolia, India and Afghanistan. It’s the most important part of the Silk Road, has the largest dessert (Taklamakan desert) and the lowest basin (Turpan Basin) in China. While traveling in Xinjiang, you will see the diversity of the natural landscape and even experience summer and winter within one day due to its special climate.

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Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia Tours

 Bordering with Mongolia and Russia, Inner Mongolia is the widest province in China. It’s the 3rd largest province in China but less populated. With a foremost attraction of natural beauty, fertile grassland, plumpy cows, local nomads and moving yurts, Inner Mongolia is a perfect heaven for city people to escape from the hustle and bustle life.

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