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8 Day Daocheng Yading Rockline Trek Tour

Daocheng-Yading-Rockline Trek

From CNY 5680
TOUR TYPE: Group,Off The Beaten Path,Trekking,Photography


Trek through “the last pure land on the blue planet". Explore Yading Nature Reserve, hiking around three sacred mountains. Wind to a supercut of phenomenal lakes. Discover monasteries, cultural highlights, and unique wildlife. Enjoy basking in the fresh air and natural wonders cloaking China’s backcountry. 
Day & Date Activities Meals plan Accomodation
Day 1 Shangri-la Town Arrival D Shangri-la town
Day 2 Shangri-la-Chonggu Monastery (3900m)-Bayu Camp (4500m)

Trekking: 7KM, 4H
BD Bayu Camp
Day 3 Bayu Camp-Boyongcuo-4920 Pass-Galuo Cattle Farm Camp (4000m)
Trekking: 10KM, 5H
BD Pass-Galuo Cattle Farm Camp
Day 4 Galuo Cattle Farm-Gonggazaze-Xialuoduoji Pass (4500m)-Wanhuachi Cattle Farm Camp (4250m)
Trekking: 15KM, 6-8H
BD Wanhuachi Cattle Farm Camp
Day 5 Galuo Cattle Farm-Gonggazaze-Xialuoduoji Pass (4500m)-Wanhuachi Cattle Farm Camp (4250m)
Trekking: 15KM, 7-8H
BD Wanhuachi Cattle Farm Camp
Day 6 Xinguo Cattle Farm Camp-Heihu Pass-Rock Stone-Shehu Camp (4500m)
Trekking: 14KM, 7-8H
BD Shehu Camp
Day 7 Shehu Camp-Songduo Pass-Five-Colour Lake (4600m)-Milk Lake (4500m)-Resongcuo-Kassi Cattle Shed Camp (4000m)

Trekking: 14KM, 7-8H
BD Kassi Cattle Shed Camp
Day 8 Kassi Cattle Shed Camp-Songluo Pass-Pearl Lake-Chonggu Monastery-Daocheng
Trekking: 4KM, 2-3H
BD Daocheng


Detailed Tour program
Day 1: Shangri-la Town Arrival
Arrive in Shangri-la Town and check in the hotel we booked for you. We will have a brief meeting with group members at 20:00 at the hotel lobby

Day 2: Shangri-la-Chonggu Monastery-Bayu Camp
Get ready to lace up your boots and immerse yourself in spectacular natural scenery. First, you’ll take a shuttle to Chonggu Monastery, where you’ll have the chance to wake up your legs and walk around for a bit. Then, you’ll start winding along the trail through the woods, until you reach a phenomenal view that gives you an image of Yading’s three sacred mountains from various angles. Continue to head to our campsite Bayu Camp, where you’ll set up your tent and spend the night relaxing and watching the stars light the black sky.
  Chonggu MonasteryDaocheng Yading Rockline trek

Day 3: Bayu Camp-Boyongcuo-4920 Pass-Galuo Cattle Farm Camp
Enjoy a tasty breakfast before hitting the trail! Today’s journey winds to Cuogaida Pass. From here, you’ll head downhill, passing by the Cuogaida lakes to Niangcuo Platform before walking along a mild road leading to the Galuo cattle farm.
  Daocheng Yading Rockline trekDaocheng Yading Rockline trek

Day 4: Galuo Cattle Farm-Gonggazaze-Xialuoduoji Pass-Wanhuachi Cattle Farm Camp
After the Galuo Cattle Farm, the views will come in abundance: meander through a river valley, an old-growth forest, and go upstream. Later we will pass Gonggazaze, where the views of Xialuoduoji Pass will amaze you, especially when the sun paints the sky with golden hues. Afterwards, wind to Xialuoduoji Pass. Continue over the pass and catch views of the cattle farms dotting the land below and Dulu lake tucked into a mountain. The trail takes you to your campsite just below Zabala Pass.
 Daocheng Yading Rockline trekDaocheng Yading Rockline trek 

Day 5: Wanhuachi Cattle Farm Camp-Zabala Pass-Xinguo Cattle Farm Camp
Begin your hiking adventure of the day by ascending Zabala Pass. This is a steep section that can take between 1-2 hours. After you cross the pass, the path begins to gently wind downhill, taking you through Niangxi Cattle Farm, some landslide zones, and across Yangmaiyong horizontal pass. Eventually, you’ll reach Xinguo Cattle Farm, where you’ll set up camp for the night.
 Daocheng Yading Rockline trekDaocheng Yading Rockline trek

Day 6: Xinguo Cattle Farm Camp-Heihu Pass-Rock Stone-Shehu Camp
Prepare to hike by a montage of supernatural views today! Catch glimpses of the imposing Yangmaiyong and Xialuoduoji, marvel at Black Lake from the Heihu Pass. Continue through another cattle farm (Jiadu) and walk by another stunning lake, Jiaducuo. But the views don’t end there! The trail twists to Shehu Pass, which offers an unreal vista of Snake Lake, while Xiannairi and the west of Yangmaiyong paint the background. From here, you’ll descend to your campsite.
Daocheng Yading Rockline trekDaocheng Yading Rockline trek
Day 7: Shehu Camp-Songduo Pass-Five-Colour Lake-Milk Lake-Resongcuo-Kassi Cattle Shed Camp
Expect to enjoy exceptional lake views today! First, you’ll cross the Songduo Pass and hike to the ever-so stunning Milk Lake (Niu Nai Hai) and Five-Colour Lake (Wu Se Hai). Ascend a little higher to view these lakes from above! Go back to Songduo Pass after snapping some photos and make your way to your campsite
Daocheng Yading Rockline trekDaocheng Yading Rockline trek
Day 8: Kassi Cattle Shed Camp-Songluo Pass-Pearl Lake-Chonggu Monastery-Daocheng
Just because today is the last of trekking doesn’t mean that you won’t have incredible views! When you walk along the hillside of the soaring Xiannairi mountain, you’ll get to see Kasi Hell Valley on your left. Continue hiking until you reach Songluo pass, where another view of Xiannairi awaits. After walking through a forest, you’ll reach a postcard-worthy image of Xiannairi reflecting in the shimmering Pearl Lake. Spend some time admiring the outstanding natural scenery before heading to Chonggu Monastery, where your shuttle will pick you up and take you to Daocheng. We will arrive in Daocheng at about 17:00. After the farewell dinner, tour ends. It's suggested to book bus/flight on the next day.
Daocheng Yading Rockline trekDaocheng Yading Rockline trek

Price Guide

Price quote based on join in group tour
Tour date Price
July 24- July 31  
CNY 5680/PAX
August 14- August 21
August 28- September 04
September 04- September 11
September 18- 25
Oct 16 - 23
September 30- Oct.07  CNY 6380/Pax
  1. Local transfer 
  2. Accommodation
  3. Meals mentioned above
  4. Camping fee
  5. Entrance ticket (Yading Nature Reserve and Yading Tourist Bus)
  6. Tour leader
  7. Horse (for luggage only, 15kg/pax)
  8. Trekking gears (tent, moisture-proof pad, gas, cookingwear, etc.) (for trekking groups in National Holiday, we don't offer trekking gears)
  9. Service fee
  10. Insurance
  1. Flight/train/bus to and leave Shangri-la Town
  2. Entrance tickets not mentioned above
  3. Personal expenses
  4. Yading Cable Car
  5. Lunches
  6. Single room supplement
  7. Extra Horse fee


1. If the tourist have heart or lung related disease, this route is not suitable
2. For family with kids, this route would be a little bit too difficult
3. If the tourist is over 60 years old, we will medecia report to buy the insurance

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