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8 Days Scenic Tour to Gannan with Tibetan Culture Experience


CNY 2980/Pax
TOUR TYPE: Group,Culture,Festival


Gannan, originally refers to Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu Province, but as a travel route generally takes the Gannan Circuit, which includes the three Tibetan autonomous prefectures of Gannan in Gansu, Aba in Sichuan and Guoluo in Qinghai, located at the junction of Gan, Qing and Sichuan provinces. There is a magical land located on the northeastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, with an average altitude of more than 3,000 meters above sea level. There are towering peaks and mountains, deep gorges and steep slopes, vast grasslands and wetlands, mysterious Buddhist temples, calm plateau lakes, rushing rivers and streams, and simple Tibetan sons and daughters. It is named as one of the "50 places to visit in a lifetime" by "China National Geographic" and "Fashion Travel", and is known as the "Little Tibet" in Gansu.

8 Days Gannan Tour and Tibet culture Experience

This Gannan tour is suitable for those who love nature and Tibetan Culture, it starts from Lanzhou and travel to the border of Western Sichuan. We will fully explore Zhagana, ancient Tibetan Village in Gan Tibetan prefecture. We will visit the nomads area : Huanghu lake, Tangke pasture land, Sangke grassland which was super beautiful from June to September. We will also visit Biling Temple, Labrang monastery and Langmusi , all Tibetan monastery.  It is all-in-one inclusive trip . To join this life time trip from June to September with China adventure would be a great choice for your summer vacations.


Tour Summary

Day 1: Lanzhou Arrival
Day 2: Lanzhou-Milariba-Gahai Lake-Zhagana
Day 3: Zhagana Village In-depth Tour
Day 4: Zhagana-Huahu Lake-Huanghe River-Tangke
Day 5: Tangke-Niangma Monastery-Awangcang Wetland-Langmusi
Day 6: Langmusi-Sangke Grassland-Labrang Monastery-Linxia
Day 7: Linxia-Liujia Gorge-Bingling Cave-Lanzhou
Day 8: Lanzhou Departure

Detailed Gannan Tour Program

Day 1:  Lanzhou Arrival

Arrive in Lanzhou by train/flight. Please go to the hotel on your own. You can tell the reception your name and get check-in. Afterwards, the rest time is for you to enjoy the city yourself. Time permitting, you can also try the famous Lanzhou Lamen. The departure time for tomorrow will be informed this afternoon.
Meal: No
Hotel: 4-star standard hotel
Lanzhou airport

Day 2:  Lanzhou-Milariba Buddhist Pavillion-Gahai Lake-Zhagana Tibetan Village

Distance: 476KM
Height: 2900M
After breakfast, we will head for Milariba Bhuddist Pavillion. It's a library built to commemorate the Bhuddist master Milariba. After lunch, continue to proceed to Gahai Lake, which is also regarded as highland holy lake by local people. Later, drive to the famous Zhagana Ancient Village to spend the night.
Meal: B
Hotel: Zhagana Tibetan Guesthouse
Huanghe RiverLiujiaxia Dam

Day 3: Zhagana Ancient Village In-depth Tour

Height: 2900M
Zhagana Ancient Village is regarded as the "Garden of Eden". The whole Tibetan village is built along the mountain by wood. You can see the local villagers doing farmwork in this quiet but lively place. If you want to, renting a horse is also available (horse fee not included). Travelers who are not willing to do some leisure trekking, are welcome to pay a visit to the local family and experience their daily life. 
Meal: B
Hotel: Zhagana Tibetan Guesthouse
Zhagana Ancient VillageZhagana Tibetan Village

Day 4: Zhagana-Huahu Lake-Huanghe River-Tangke

Distance: 178KM
Height: 3400M
After the breakfast, we will proceed to Huahu Lake, located in the middle of Ruoergai Grassland in Sichuan and the Langmusi Monastery in Gansu. Seeing the reflections of the lights on the lake gives you the illusion that time has almost stopped for Huahu Lake's beauty. We will have yak soup pot as lunch. It's a special cuisine that we definitely recommend you to have a try. Later, we will continue to visit Huanghe River before dawn. Weather permitting, we will be able to capture the perfect moment when the sunset, river and the moon are in the same picutre. 
Meal: B L
Hotel: Tangke Hotel
Huahu lakeHuahu lake

Day 5: Tangke-Niangma Monastery-Awancang Wetland-Langmusi

Distance: 337KM
Height: 3400M
Depart from Tangke and head to Niangma Monastery. The prayer wheel in the monastery is about 50 meters high, bearing 300 tons' weight. Inside the monastery, there are about 110,000 Buddhist texts. Awancang Wetland is our next destination, waiting for your exploration. Watching the curvy river flowing endlessly and the sheep grazing on the pasture is a special enjoyment for your busy life. 
Meal: B
Hotel: Langmusi Hotel
Awacang WetlandGannan Tibetan Region

Day 6: Langmusi-Sangke Grassland-Labrang Monastery-Linxia

Distance: 255KM
Langmusi Monastery is located between Sichuan and Gansu. There are actually  Langmusi Monastery in both Sichuan and Gansu respectively. Though sharing the same name, their construction style is quite different. Continue to visit the Sangke Grassland. You will get lost in the boundless grassland. Every year between July and September, local nomad will set up Tibetan tents and prepare fresh yogurt, Tsangba, lamb for tourists. You can also experience the most authentic Tibetan lifestyle by participating some local activities (horse riding, archery, etc.). Later, we will proceed to Labrang Monastery, located at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain northwest of Xiahe County. The architectural layout of the Labrang Monastery belongs to the Tibetan style and the construction patterns are mostly Tibetan, Han's mode and a compound style of both Han's and Tibetan. The symbols of the whole construction are the White Towers both in the northeast and northwest.
Meal: B
Hotel: Linxia local 4-star standard hotel
Sangke GrasslandLabrang monastery

Day 7: Linxia-Liujia Gorge-Bingling Monastery-Lanzhou

Distance: 150KM
In the morning we will visit the Liujia Gorge, where we will take a boat to the Bingling Cave. Bingling Cave Temple was a vibrant way station on the Old Silk Road. As a pivotal points of mountain and water along the great trade route, the five main branches of route concentrated here on the eastern end of the Silk Road: the Southern road of Qinlong Route, the mid of Qiang Clan Road, the ancient road of the Tang and Tibetan, the Datouba Valley route, Hongchiling Route. By a carful study of inscriptions written by donors in Bingling Cave Temple and other relative historical records, this article tries to prove surely that the important role Bingling Cave Temple had played on the ancient trade route and gives a new evidences for the site to be on the list of World Heritage.
Hotel: Lanzhou 4-star Hotel
Bingling Temple

Day 8 Lanzhou exit

Leave Lanzhou to your next destination 

Price Guide

  Adult                       Kid                          
Low Season
May- June
CNY 2980/Pax CNY 2180/Pax
Peak Season
July -October holiday
CNY 3180/Pax CNY 2180/Pax

Price Inclusions

1. Breakfasts
2. Accommodation (2 nights in Lanzhou, 2 nights in Zhagana Village, 1 night in Tangke, 1 night in Langmusi, 1 night in Linxia)
3. Local transfer
4. Entrance tickets (Langmusi, Zhagana (cable car excluded), Huahu Lake and cable car, Huanghe River (elevator excluded), Labrang Monastery, Awancang Wetland, Bingling Cave+Liujia Gorge+boat)
5. Chinese speaking guide
6. Insurance
7. Yak soup pot
8. Random gifts

Price Exclusions

1. Train/flight to and leave Lanzhou
2. Personal expenses (drinking, horse riding)
3. Single room supplement


  1. The average elevation of Gannan circuit is 3000m to 4000m. May have plateau reaction condition but not very obvious, personally experience high reflex when drinking Coca-Cola can relieve.
  2. Tthere is a big temperature difference between morning and night and often rain. Need to bring good rain gear and bring a rash jacket to keep warm.
  3. If you want to know more, here is  the most detailed Tibet travel guide.

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