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Wolong Panda Volunteer Day Tour


From $80
TOUR TYPE: Off The Beaten Path,Family,Photography


During this trip, we will get to have intimate interaction with the cute pandas, have deeper understanding of the panda and after the volunteer work is done, you will receive an official certificate issued by panda base center


06:30: Pick-up from your hotel and drive to Wolong. The drive may take about 2 hours.

9:00am–10:00am: Clean the Panda Enclosures
Panda keepers need to supply fresh bamboo to the pandas each day but only 30% of which will be eaten and the rest bamboo wasted. You will need to sweep out the leftovers, replace it with fresh ones, and clean out the feces.
Cleaning the Panda Enclosures Preparing Bamboo for Panda

10:00am–11:00am: Take a Break and Tour around the Base
Have a relaxing walk in the well-paved base and listen to the legendary stories of these pandas. You will also have a chance to meet the naughty red pandas.

11:00am–11:30am Feed a Panda
Pandas are supplied with panda cakes, apples, and carrots four times a day. The panda keepers will show you how to feed a panda with your own hands at close proximity.
Feeding Pandas Feeding a Panda

11:30am–13:00pm Have Lunch and Rest 

13:00pm–14:00pm Watch a Panda Movie (about 40 minutes)
You will see a special documentary about how the shy pandas mate, give birth, grow up, and are returned to the wild.
Panda Eating Bamboo Panda Resting

14:00pm–15:30pm More Cleaning and Food Making 
The bamboo you supplied in the morning has become dry by the afternoon. You will replace it with fresh ones. Feed the pandas with some panda cakes and apples. Having fed the pandas with panda cakes, you will learn to make a panda cake on your own. The ingredients will be prepared in advance. Get creative about the shapes of the cakes.
Makinng Food for Panda Makinng Food for Panda

15:30pm–16:00pm Get Certificate. Drive Back 
The volunteer work ends and you will receive a certificate for this unforgettable day. Our guide and driver will escort you back to your hotel in Chengdu.

Price Guide

Pax Price
1 260 USD per person
2 150 USD per person
3 115 USD per person
4 95   USD per person
5 80   USD per person

Price Includes:
1. Transfer between Chengdu and Wolong
2. Professional English speaking guide
3. Entrance tickets 
5. Insurance
6. Government tax

Price Excludes:
1. Tips to tour guide and driver
2. Meals
3. Volunteer work fee (700 CNY/person)
4. Service fee


1. Program could be modified based on the health of the pandas.
2. There is a daily limit of 20 volunteers for the Panda Volunteer Program, so please reserve in advance and ensure your vacancy.
3. Do not spray perfume, paint nail polish, wear exaggerated ornaments, or wear slippers
4. Price will rise up when it comes to public holidays like Labor's Day, National Holiday, Spring Festival, etc. Please kindly consult for the exact price.

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